About P'Gosh

Doug has been slaving away at the drawing board, easel, and yes, even the computer, professionally, for over 20 years. (He insists this can't be right, but we did the math!) The art on this site features his personal work along with designs he's created for burlesque troops, sideshow acts, tattoos, gig posters, bands, derby girls and gallery shows. You'll also see a lot of work from his job as the chief designer for Retro-a-go-go.com. From t-shirts designs to Bettie Page to taking out the trash, he does it all!

What you won't see on this site is the design work Doug has created for corporate clients such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Coca-Cola, Paramount Pictures, Mattel, Viacom, Bath and Body Works, Discovery Toys and many more. That work pays the bills- but it isn't always the most creatively nourishing or challenging work. (Sorry Mickey!)

This site is devoted to his work with the sub-cultures and the hobbies that he loves: all things tiki, classic midnight monster movies, tattoo art, hot rods, pin-ups, vintage men's magazines, lurid advertising, vintage sci-fi, pulp mags, rockabilly, 50's Mad Magazines and EC comics, cartoon surrealism, burlesque, 60's television, movies of the 30's-50's, tin toy robots, side shows, men's fraternal organizations, old model kit boxes, wacky packages, vintage movie posters, 60's arcade games, chalkware carnival prizes and much, much more.

The pop culture of the 1930's-1960's is what Doug and his wife fill their home with and it steadily seeps into his artwork.

How did Doug get all this talent you ask? What's it like to walk around with that much creative genius? Does he worry his head might explode? Well, besides wearing a steel helmet to keep his head together, his creative genius usually only shows itself in his work. (In fact his wife and friends insist he's damn near a blithering idiot when he isn't working.)

Doug's been drawing and painting ever since he could hold a paint brush. His skills were appreciated and honed in high school (Thanks to Ms. Sweeny wherever you are!) and then sharpened to a fine blade at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Upon graduation, that fine blade was dulled to a blunt instrument after 5 years in the soul sucking world of advertising. But hey, he got a Pontiac convertible out of it! AND he realized he had to run for his life from the creative vacuum of advertising to get back to his true loves of illustration, art and design.

Let's skip ahead through Doug's bio, past the bitter years of early struggle, to the present days of bitter struggle! Lately he spends a lot of time working for the company his wife started: Retro-a-go-go.com. Doug's fingerprints are all over the art and design of the company- from the design of the web site, to the advertising, to the design of the products, the illustration and graphic art needed for the products themselves, to creating new illustrations of Bettie Page from very old, worn out, photographs.

Doug spends his free time working on paintings for gallery exhibits, tattoo designs, band and show posters, sculpture and anything else that pays in cold hard cash. He also takes trade. If you have an early 50's Pontiac Chieftain that you're interested in bartering, he'll be right over with his art supplies.

As for his preferred techniques, Doug loves to work with acrylic, gouache, colored pencil and airbrush. Occasionally he'll push around oil paints and sculpt in clay too. He's often works with wood and foam core to fabricate large dimensional sculptures or cool signs for bands and other performers.

When he's not in his studio, Doug can be found plastered in the massive tiki bar that he built in his basement or hanging out at an antique show with his wife Kirsten, looking for more cool crap to fill his house with.